Celebrity Signatures worth Thousands of Dollars

Iconographs pic

Image: iconographs.com

With more than 1,000 positive ratings from buyers on Amazon.com, Iconographs is a well-known distributor of authentic celebrity autographs. For more than 16 years, Iconographs has provided collectors around the world with autographs signed at in-person meetings.

On the Iconographs storefront on Amazon, there is a wide variety of authentic signed photographs available, and collectors are almost sure to find a celebrity they favor in stock. Currently, there are three different 8- x 10-inch Sopranos prints signed in person by James Gandolfini. The prints are priced at $200 or less. The late actor, who starred as Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series from 1999-2007, died in Italy in July 2013.

For his portrayal of Tony Soprano, Gandolfini was nominated four times for a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama series, winning the first time he was nominated in 2000. The mob drama was known for its intense violence, as well as Tony’s soul searching during his sessions with his psychotherapist.


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