Universal Autograph Collector’s Club Offers Appraisal Services

Universal Autograph Collector’s Club  pic

Universal Autograph Collector’s Club
Image: uacc.org

Iconographs is an online dealer of celebrity autographs and movie memorabilia in Las Vegas, Nevada. An employer of more in-person collectors than any other coastal Internet autograph dealers, Iconographs is a registered dealer with the Universal Autograph Collector’s Club (UACC). The UACC offers appraisal and authenticator services to its members.

Obtaining appraisals for autographs that satisfy banks and insurance companies can present a challenge. Effective and successful appraisers require adequate credentials, extensive knowledge of autographs, and a firm grasp of the market and true value of collectibles under varying conditions. The UACC works to employ appraisers who meet these qualifications and uphold ethical expectations that they possess no interest in purchasing items they appraise for themselves.

Appraisers offer three kinds of appraisal services: insurance replacement value, fair market value, and liquidation market value. Insurance replacement values represent the retail value or cost to replace an existing item in a collection, and fair market appraisals offer a value for an item’s worth at a publicized auction. Liquidation values are typically used in bankruptcy situations and involve the price of an item during a quick sale. Authentication services do not attest to an item’s worth, but instead provide an opinion towards the item’s authenticity.

In response to the rise of third-party appraisers for autographs, the UACC issued new regulations and policies regarding the acceptance and recognition of third-party authentication certificates. The UACC does not recognize third-party certificates under the new policy, and autograph authenticators must meet all policy criteria. Criteria for authenticators include prior experience with autograph authentication, the ability to articulate authentication knowledge and follow court-approved procedures, acceptance as an expert witness by a recognized authority, and proof of ongoing education in the field.

For more information about appraisal and authenticator services by the UACC, visit www.uacc.org/services.php.


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