Neil Armstrong – A Very Rare Celebrity Autograph


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Neil Armstrong

Iconographs is a trusted online source for celebrity autographs and movie memorabilia. Iconographs collects and sells only the best authentic autographs, which it guarantees for life.

According to many autograph collectors, the most sought-after autograph is that of astronaut Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 fame.

After learning that his barber had been selling his hair trimmings for thousands of dollars, Neil Armstrong completely stopped signing autographs. He does not sign autographs at charity events, does not respond to letters from fans requesting them, and does not sell them for profit like crewmate Buzz Aldrin.

Neil Armstrong has even refused to sign autographs for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and other notable people. This reluctance to furnish autographs has made the prices of existing signatures skyrocket. People even sell and collect the astronaut’s old checks and credit card receipts. A check he wrote on the morning of the Apollo 11 liftoff sold for more than $27,000.


Universal Autograph Collector’s Club Offers Appraisal Services

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Universal Autograph Collector’s Club

Iconographs is an online dealer of celebrity autographs and movie memorabilia in Las Vegas, Nevada. An employer of more in-person collectors than any other coastal Internet autograph dealers, Iconographs is a registered dealer with the Universal Autograph Collector’s Club (UACC). The UACC offers appraisal and authenticator services to its members.

Obtaining appraisals for autographs that satisfy banks and insurance companies can present a challenge. Effective and successful appraisers require adequate credentials, extensive knowledge of autographs, and a firm grasp of the market and true value of collectibles under varying conditions. The UACC works to employ appraisers who meet these qualifications and uphold ethical expectations that they possess no interest in purchasing items they appraise for themselves.

Appraisers offer three kinds of appraisal services: insurance replacement value, fair market value, and liquidation market value. Insurance replacement values represent the retail value or cost to replace an existing item in a collection, and fair market appraisals offer a value for an item’s worth at a publicized auction. Liquidation values are typically used in bankruptcy situations and involve the price of an item during a quick sale. Authentication services do not attest to an item’s worth, but instead provide an opinion towards the item’s authenticity.

In response to the rise of third-party appraisers for autographs, the UACC issued new regulations and policies regarding the acceptance and recognition of third-party authentication certificates. The UACC does not recognize third-party certificates under the new policy, and autograph authenticators must meet all policy criteria. Criteria for authenticators include prior experience with autograph authentication, the ability to articulate authentication knowledge and follow court-approved procedures, acceptance as an expert witness by a recognized authority, and proof of ongoing education in the field.

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The Value of Printed Autographs versus Hand-Signed Autographs

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Iconographs, a Nevada-based seller of movie memorabilia, offers online auctions as well as direct sales of collectible items. In business for 25 years, Iconographs sells quality-guaranteed memorabilia at affordable prices.

In the buying and selling of autographed memorabilia, there are two distinct types of autographs: hand signed and printed. An autograph that was signed by hand was placed directly on an item by the celebrity, while a printed autograph is a mass-produced replica of the celebrity’s signature. Items with printed signatures may include cards sold in packs, packaged action figures that are sold with a signature, and a variety of other items.

In general, a hand-signed autograph is worth more than the copied version. However, an item with a copied autograph is generally more valuable than an unsigned version of the same item. Still, a hand-autographed item may be more or less valuable than a printed or un-autographed item based on variables such as the rarity of the given memorabilia item and the age of the item.

Factors Affecting the Value of Autographs

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Offering genuine celebrity autographs at affordable prices, Iconographs is registered as a Universal Autograph Collector’s Club dealer. Based in Nevada, Iconographs sells only autographs that were signed by the celebrity in person and offers a certificate of authenticity with all its products, which enhances their market value. Iconographs emphasizes convenience through online sales and a ship-upon-purchase policy.

Sought after for centuries, autographs represent one of the most enduringly robust segments of the collectibles and alternative investments market. The value of the signature depends on a variety of factors including quality and scarcity as well as the status of the person.

At the top tier are icons, or individuals that are well known to the general public and represent a specific historical or cultural moment. In the sports world, these range from Michael Jordan to Babe Ruth, while in the acting world Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe stand preeminent.

Format is also important, with a cut of the signature from a larger document representing the base price and the value going upward as it moves into signed checks, letters, and photos. As an example, a Babe Ruth signed check may be worth a few thousand dollars while his autograph on a baseball will command several times as much.