Neil Armstrong – A Very Rare Celebrity Autograph


Neil Armstrong pic

Neil Armstrong

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According to many autograph collectors, the most sought-after autograph is that of astronaut Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 fame.

After learning that his barber had been selling his hair trimmings for thousands of dollars, Neil Armstrong completely stopped signing autographs. He does not sign autographs at charity events, does not respond to letters from fans requesting them, and does not sell them for profit like crewmate Buzz Aldrin.

Neil Armstrong has even refused to sign autographs for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and other notable people. This reluctance to furnish autographs has made the prices of existing signatures skyrocket. People even sell and collect the astronaut’s old checks and credit card receipts. A check he wrote on the morning of the Apollo 11 liftoff sold for more than $27,000.