The Largest Autograph Collection in the World

Jack Kuster Image:

Jack Kuster

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When he passed away in 2012, Jack Kuster owned the world’s largest collection of original autographs. He had managed to obtain more than 33,000 signatures from celebrities. The collector also had over 17,000 celebrity photos that had not been seen by the public.

Jack Kuster acquired his first celebrity autograph at the age of 14, when he approached film star Carmen Miranda. She was visiting Rochester, New York, in support of a World War II bond rally.

This began a collection that became an obsession for Kuster. He travelled the world to personally collect autographs from thousands of stars. Kuster visited 19 different countries to complete his quest, sometimes making a trip for a single autograph.

The collection was bequeathed to Juan Carlos Saucedo-Campos, a Mexican film star who became a lifelong friend of Kuster’s after giving him an autograph in 1993.