Factors Affecting the Value of Autographs

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Image: iconographs.com

Offering genuine celebrity autographs at affordable prices, Iconographs is registered as a Universal Autograph Collector’s Club dealer. Based in Nevada, Iconographs sells only autographs that were signed by the celebrity in person and offers a certificate of authenticity with all its products, which enhances their market value. Iconographs emphasizes convenience through online sales and a ship-upon-purchase policy.

Sought after for centuries, autographs represent one of the most enduringly robust segments of the collectibles and alternative investments market. The value of the signature depends on a variety of factors including quality and scarcity as well as the status of the person.

At the top tier are icons, or individuals that are well known to the general public and represent a specific historical or cultural moment. In the sports world, these range from Michael Jordan to Babe Ruth, while in the acting world Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe stand preeminent.

Format is also important, with a cut of the signature from a larger document representing the base price and the value going upward as it moves into signed checks, letters, and photos. As an example, a Babe Ruth signed check may be worth a few thousand dollars while his autograph on a baseball will command several times as much.