The Value of Printed Autographs versus Hand-Signed Autographs

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Iconographs, a Nevada-based seller of movie memorabilia, offers online auctions as well as direct sales of collectible items. In business for 25 years, Iconographs sells quality-guaranteed memorabilia at affordable prices.

In the buying and selling of autographed memorabilia, there are two distinct types of autographs: hand signed and printed. An autograph that was signed by hand was placed directly on an item by the celebrity, while a printed autograph is a mass-produced replica of the celebrity’s signature. Items with printed signatures may include cards sold in packs, packaged action figures that are sold with a signature, and a variety of other items.

In general, a hand-signed autograph is worth more than the copied version. However, an item with a copied autograph is generally more valuable than an unsigned version of the same item. Still, a hand-autographed item may be more or less valuable than a printed or un-autographed item based on variables such as the rarity of the given memorabilia item and the age of the item.